ACD Cake

Wow, we really had a lot of Ph.D. thesis defenses to celebrate in 2015/2016.  This cake was also in honor of one of our own Fermi Cake Committee founding members, David.  The Anti-Coincidence Detector (ACD) cake is a bit more technical, describing one of the sub-systems of the Fermi-Large Area Telescope (LAT) rather than an […]

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While the majority of our cakes are about Fermi and it’s science, we occasionally make cakes for other gamma-ray experiment friends.  The HAWC cake was for another Ph.D. dissertation defense celebration for Josh.  HAWC or the (High Altitude Water Cherenkov) Observatory is a very high energy gamma-ray telescope high in the mountains on the Sierra Negra […]

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Supernova Remnant Cake

Now that we established Ph.D. defenses as a necessary occasion for crazy cakes, the next time a student from our group defended, Jamie, we went to work.  David had the crazy idea of creating a nice supernova remnant cake that when exposed to a black light, the gamma-rays would glow. Supernova remnants are objects that get […]

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Gamma-ray Burst Cake

When Sylvia, one of the founding members of the Fermi Cake Committee, was finishing up her Ph.D. and planning to her thesis defense, we knew we had to make her a spectacular cake.  She requested a dynamic gamma-ray burst (GRB) cake.  Gamma-ray Bursts, a topic I also study, are the most energetic explosions in the […]

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Science as Food 2015 & Nova Cake

This cake was an achievement, and also cemented our crazy practice of learning new (non-trivial) techniques for each cake via youtube and other random websites.  This time, it was 3D printing and layered 3D spherical cakes.  We were also really really pleased with how this one turned out. Some of the inspiration for this cake […]

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10 Years of Swift

This cake isn’t exactly a Fermi cake, but it’s one of ours, and Swift & Fermi are such good friends, so we’re including it.  By the time the 10 year anniversary of Swift’s launch came around (Nov 20, 2014), our cakes had been infamous.  We were asked by the Swift PI to make a cake. […]

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Centaurus A Cake

Centaurus A (aka Cen A) is a relatively nearby (3-5 Mpc) galaxy with giant lobes that shine in the radio, X-ray, and gamma-rays.  It’s a nearby active galactic nuclei. We made this relatively simple cake to honor the Ph.D. thesis defense of Bill.  This began the tradition of making Ph.D. defense cakes, which only got […]

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